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Why Realstaff

  • Realstaff is inviting employers to share data of their employees with the website and not inviting employees to share their details.

  • Realstaff has prepared the display format which is sufficient to confirm the authentication of employee.

  • Realstaff allows only those companies (Employers), to register with the website, which has Government Registration Records and Realstaff administration verifies it before confirming the registration of the company (Employer).

  • Realstaff administration is not designed to edit any kind of details provided by Employer of its Employee.

  • Realstaff is helping to improve the credibility of Employer, Employees and Trust between the People and Organizations.

  • Realstaff featured with Vacancy Posting Option, which improves the authentic value of the requirement as it is generated directly by the Employer.

  • Realstaff also featured with Daily News Feed, which displays the shuffling of employees from one organization to other and their current working status with the organization.

  • Realstaff is a Global Platform for all.


  • Help To Know People If Employee Is Terminated By The Company.
    (Alert People/Clients/Consumers/Dealers, By Changing Working Status of particular Employee, On the Website)

  • Help To Avoid Fake Interaction By Taking Name Of Company/Organization.
    (Avoid Scams, Spoiling the Reputation of Company)

  • Help To Control Unnecessary Action That Sometimes Company Has To Take Because Of Mischief Done By Its Employee/s.
    (Paper Declaration of Its Employee, Regarding Not to Interact With him/her About Company Affairs)

  • Help to Open Global Platform For The Fresher, Unemployed, Through Vacancy Search Option.

  • Help to Avoid Cheating In Marriages By Telling Lie About the Position and Working Company.

  • Help to Avoid Crime Happening On Door Step of Consumers, On Account of After Sale Service By Telling Lie That The Person is a Representative of Reputed Consumer Goods Manufacturer.

  • Help to Protect Unemployed, From Cheating, By Taking Name Of Any Reputed company, Regarding The Openings In The Company. Job Seekers Can Check Same In Vacancy Search Option.
    (Avoid Scams Of Fake Recruitment).

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